iProcure is the largest agricultural supply chain platform in rural Africa.
In addition to complete procurement and last mile distribution services, we provide business intelligence and data-driven stock management across the supply chains. We deliver great value to both manufacturers and consumers.


Data-driven distribution

Through real-time business intelligence, we provide an alternative distribution channel that ensures your product gets all the way to the end consumer.


Stay in the Know

Know who is buying, when and for how much; iProcure provides complete supply chain visibility.



Our storage facilities are strategically located to ensure extensive reach to the rural consumer. Our predictive algorithms ensure that essential commodities are never in short supply.

Last mile

Getting it there. Rapid order fulfillment to wherever your customer is.

Supply Chain Services

From data-driven distribution to the last mile delivery, we provide complete procurement and distribution solution for farm supply to partners that want to streamline their distribution and improve efficiency and customer service.

Business intelligence

Always know where your customers are, analyze your market share and real-time critical sales data, growing sales and product performance, saving time and cost through our business intelligence and analytic platform.


Retail Sector services

Our extensive network of retailers allows you to reach customers in the most remote locations. Our alternative technology enabled supply chain allows you to monitor the price at which your products are sold anywhere in the country.

In addition to data driven smart distribution, iProcure enables you to provide direct after sales support to your customer base, as well as instantly launch robust loyalty programmes in a few clicks. A highly scalable, powerful and free platform at your finger tips.

Market reach

Forget surveys, questionnaires and open ended questions, the only way to obtain real market intelligence is to know what consumers are buying. We give you the information you need, when you need it to make truly informed decisions.


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